We are just finishing a most exciting renovation with Stuart Geller and the Geller Design team. Because we have an art collection and style aesthetic somewhat different than many South Floridians, the design process was at times a reach to achieve our goals, but Stuart worked with us and our ideas until everyone felt the right decisions were being made. He sticks by his motto, “turning houses into homes.” We are thrilled with the result.

A key contribution of Stuart is his working on a daily basis with his team to assure that the project is completed ON TIME and ON BUDGET. Of our friends and neighbors working on their own renovation projects this year, ours was the only one so successful, and we attribute that to Stuart. Stuart’s team, which includes several highly accomplished craftsmen, works together under his leadership to achieve a quality, cohesive product.

In a world of pushy cookie cutter decorators, it was a pleasure to find and then work collaboratively with an Interior Designer who is honest, responsible, and committed to his client. It is part of the reason that so many of Stuart Geller’s clients not only come back again and again, but truly become his friends.

PUBLISHED in Florida Design’s Miami Home & Décor – November 2018 Issue

Stuart Geller of the eponymous design firm was our designer after we moved to Miami from the Washington DC suburbs. I am a Harvard trained lawyer and my wife, a successful psychotherapist, retired to Florida while maintaining a townhouse in Chevy Chase.

We have Khmer and Thai antiquities, a smattering of french art-deco furniture as well as a collection of large art pieces, and we were concerned that a local designer might not be comfortable working with this collection. We also needed our 2800 square foot apartment totally re-done, with uplifted ceilings and moldings,new lighting, wall coverings, floor coverings, window treatments,builtins, countertops and suitable faucets etc.

After interviewing several designers it was clear that Stuart was most comfortable with our situation and we thereupon hired him hoping to have a suitable home when finished.

Initially, we were also happy to have a third party involved since my wife and I have some divergent tastes. However, at the conclusion of our partnership with Geller Design we had an apartment that was not only beautiful and comfortable, and elegant, but a home that has provided us with pleasure and pride ever since. Visitors to our home are always impressed with its aesthetic AND quiet elegance whether they like modern or period decor.

So we are privileged to recommend Stuart since our experience with his honesty, good taste and judgement make us his fans to this day.

Sincerely, Gary and Shia Toby Green

When my wife and I were first thinking about re-doing our apartment on Williams Island, we said “it WOULD be nice.” BUT … we added … “It’ll cost too much”; “It’s fine the way it is”; “It’ll take forever”; “It’ll be overwhelming”; and “We don’t really know what we want, anyway!”

We talked ourselves out of it many times, but we always kept coming back to … “ya’ know, it WOULD be nice” – but what to do?!?

Then, along came Stuart Geller and his design group with the concept of “Turning Houses into Homes.”

Sounded great! But, we still were wary and wondered what that slogan meant and it really applied to us and our home.

My wife and Stuart went to elementary school together and were re-united about 6 years ago – I came along with the package – and since then we both have grown to love and appreciate “Stuart” (he’s one-of-a- kind) – a very special person who, along with his partner, Mark, have become very special friends.

When we started talking to Stuart professionally about the possibility of actually “jumping in” and re-doing our apartment, we found him to be the consummate professional – a visionary who not only “knows his stuff” but who is also very talented in taking his clients “on a creative journey” and, through personal dialog, he helped us discover our own vision of what was possible for OUR home.

It was exciting! We decided to “do it” and the vision and process continued to evolve.

It was creative. It required focus. It built partnership and we felt “taken care of” all along the way.

Stuart and my wife, Ellen, inspired creativity and Stuart led a team of talented tradesmen who were impressive from day one as they kept their promises, focused on execution, paid attention to detail, performed quality work, were sensitive to our needs and finished on time.

We partnered with Stuart and his team and created our home.

We went form “oy” to “wow” … and we still say “wow” when we walk in and turn on the lights after returning from a trip … we’re “home” … and it feels so good to be here!

We can recommend Stuart without qualification.

The Jacksons, Williams Island, Aventura, FL 33160

Several years ago my wife and I hired Stuart Geller to completely renovate and refurbish our apartment. My wife worked very closely with him during the renovation and the project was completed on time and budget as agreed upon.

Stuart was easy to work with and we have since recommended him to several of our neighbors and friends. He has a wonderful design esthetic, but also paid close attention to our own sense of style and taste. His attention to detail is second to none.

Very truly yours,

Richard C. Kronrad

We started working with Stuart a few years ago when we purchased a larger apartment in the same building.

My wife wanted a “FORMAL” look and immediately Stuart told her that he didn’t think that this would work for her….My wife was a bit shocked, as she thought that this is what Decorators do….well that was the first we learned the difference between Designer and Decorator!, The second thing we learned was…he was right. He told Prudence she was not a formal person and that a formal home would look pretentious. We “listened” and he went on to elaborate his perception of us and what he had in mind. Stuart wanted to reflect us in our Home. Welcoming, comfortable and timeless. Since we loved some of the furniture and other items that we have acquired over the years, he used everything in as he would say a most “Unexpected” way.

As for supervision, he worked quite closely with his General Contractor and all connected with him, to insure that we would move in our new Home, exactly as he promised. The funny thing is that he also ended up renovating our old apartment for the couple that purchased this from us.

We are not only Happy and Satisfied with Stuart, but we have become extremely close friends. If you would like to call us for anything further, or better still come and see for yourself.

‘Prudence and Carlos L. D’Gabriel

We purchased a residence on Fisher Island, and the unit we bought was in one of the older buildings that required quite a bit of work. Our dilemma, however, was that we decided late in the season; Fisher Island only allows construction during May through October. We had to obtain permits which took time, as well as dealing with the very timely process of getting security clearance for Stuart as well as all of the individuals that he contracted to do the work for us.

I own SIGAL Construction Corporation (www.SIGAL.com), so my initial thought was to send my own crew down to get this project underway so my wife Ellen and I could enjoy the season with our family. Stuart felt that he would work much better with his own Team as they understand him and can anticipate his “surprise” site visits. I agreed to meet his Team Leader (as Stuart refers to his GC) and immediately took a liking to this gentleman, Jim Fitzgerald. We worked very well together.

I flew down twice during the summer of 2013 to check everything out and I could see that they were moving along with velocity, just as Stuart had promised. The design itself turned out outstanding and is everything we could have hoped for and more. Every last detail is exquisite and is the perfect place to escape to when we leave our home in Washington, DC.

My wife and I were in our apartment on time and we were actually able to throw a party for our friends and introduce Stuart and his wonderful Team to the Fisher Island Community. We are thrilled that, because of the work done on our apartment, Stuart was hired to do the Fisher Island “Links” Golf Club House.


Gerald R. Sigal Founder and CEO SIGAL Construction Corporation

As Chairman of the Fisher Island Golf Committee I want to thank you for your efforts in helping in the renovation and redesign of the Clubhouse. I know how difficult working with a committee is but you were expert in dealing with both the political and design issues.

Not only was the final product delivered on budget but as is crucial with a Clubhouse it was delivered on time allowing for the facility to open prior to the arrival of the Members.

The reaction from the Club Members was overwhelming in their approval of the final product but as you know many were telling you that they were sure that we would not open on time. I believe this was motivation for you to make it happen, and that is what you did. From start to finish — you made it happen.

On behalf of my Committee I want to thank you for making this project a fun experience. It is only your expertise that could have pulled this project together and have the positive end result.

Thank you,

M Michael Ashkin Chairman Darby Group Companies

Stuart Geller is a wonderful designer and a kind and special human being, and I recommend him without hesitation.

He transformed our Fisher Island condominium overnight, all while dealing with the timely process of getting security clearance for each individual that he contracted to do the work for us. He listened to our voice and what we envisioned for our home and gave us exactly what we wanted. His ideas were wonderful and he perfectly managed to capture our personality, our likes and dislikes.

Stuart is kind and gentle, and he is great fun to work with. He is creative, whimsical, and artistic, but still manages to be serious.

We give him our full- endorsement and would use him again (and will indeed do that). We recommend him to all of our friends that see our apartment and are amazed at the beautiful transformation that was done.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to me at esigal@focr.org or 202.944.6700.


Ellen V. Sigal, Ph.D Chair Friends of Cancer Research

Stuart Geller was engaged by Atlantic III Condominiums Association at the Point to design and conduct the renovation of our common areas. Mr. Geller’s design suggestions were particularly well received and the implementation of the renovation was performed with diligence and punctuality. We have no reservation about highly recommending him.


Myles Klein, Director

My husband Don and I engaged Stuart Geller in 1997 to Design our Home in Great Neck, New York.  We found living with his Design was Comfortable and Timeless. When we purchased our Home in the Polo Club we commissioned Stuart and his Team to Create a 2nd. Home for us. The Attention to detail, the Quality as well as his execution is wonderful. Stuart was on our Job and made sure that we were in on time as promised. Our Home was over 30 years old and it needed a Complete Oveerhaul from a New Roof to All Impact Glass plus and extension. New Bathrooms and a Completely NEW OPEN KITCHEN….we are very pleased with the results and we would be pleased to recommend him.

Very Truly Yours,

Carol Barkin